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“ U N I T Y  I N  D I V E R S I T Y ”

St. Francisville Woman’s Club

The Community Log Cabin is the home of the St. Francisville Woman’s Club, which originated in 1936.  The Club is affiliated with the GFWC and the 23rd District Federated Clubs.  

Community Service has always been the club’s theme.  Each year educational, historical, beautifying or entertaining projects are done for St. Francisville.  One of the Club’s outstanding annual projects is to award a scholarship for a graduating senior to use for college.  The Club’s main fundraiser is catered meals.

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Public Relations/Affairs

Annual Club Projects

Scholarship to a graduating senior

Annual Chili Supper

Support Annual Community 4th of July Fish Fry & Fireworks

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Baseball League

General Federation of Women’s Clubs

General Federation of Women’s Clubs Illinois

At the West end of Main Street

you are able to visit the "Oldest Log Home" in St. Francisville.

This building houses the Women's club.  Along with our catering, the Log Cabin is also rented out for private parties, no alcohol allowed.  It is not open on regular hours, but if someone knows someone who wants to see it, arrangements are made for a member to give them a tour.

Our meetings are on the First Monday of the Month

September through May

6:30 P. M. F

For more information about joining our club

Please contact

Julie Ivers

2254 Bridgeport Road

Bridgeport, IL  62417


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President:  Jenny Jones  

Vice President:  Julie Ivers  

Secretary:  Mary Ann Hull  

Treasurer:  Donna Pierson

 Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce: